Accommodation Subheading

Travel in Style

If you are doing a short Expedition and staying in lodges or tented accommodation Patrick will probably only use the vehicle.
If you are doing a full camping expedition then it is likely that the trailer will be used to transport all the required equipment.

Dinner time at a lodge

Lodges generally provide wonderful service

One can expect to be well looked after. A meal like this in a National Park, or lodge, is often part of the experience.

Camping Food

Mealtime in a Campsite

When camping you may want to assist Patrick with meals preparations but you will certainly have quality meals all set according to your taste requirements,
Patrick will check on any specific requirements you have as part of the trip planning process.

Bush Shower

Bush Shower

Campsite ablutions vary enormously but this sort of set up is very practical and convenient. There is lots of room, plenty of privacy and lots of water.
Obviously in the lodges and tented camp areas the bathrooms are pretty much the same as at home.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Inside one of the Lodges

All the home comforts with plenty of space is very much the norm in Lodges and camps. Whether the lodge is in a national park or in one of the towns supporting tour expedition you can be assured of a high standard of presentation, and very friendly hosts.

National Park Accommodation

National Park Accommodation

This lodge is near the entrance to the Queen Elizabeth National Park.
Apart from excellent accommodation this lodge also has a dining area overlooking the park with views of a waterhole and an open area frequented by animals and birds