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Being a well seasoned traveller I had high expectations of my safari in Uganda and was thrilled with the exceptional service provided to me by Patrick of WildlifeXpeditions.
From the individualised itinery and attention to detail with our schedule, ensuring I had time at every opportunity to see and experience whatever I wanted, and his thoughful way he attended my personal needs and safety, I was totally impressed. Gorilla trekking in Uganda lived up to my expectations as an adventure of a lifetime, made possible and more enjoyable because of the very high standard of service and care that I recieved.
I would highly recommend Patrick Atima as a guide to every traveller to Uganda.
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Our visit to the The Pearl of Africa
The whole of our ten days travelling through the south west of Uganda was outstanding. The support from Patrick, who met us at the airport and anticipated our every requirement, was above expectation so making our visit to this wonderful country a highlight in our experiences.
No doubt our two treks into the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest to spend time with the mountain gorillas was the highlight, and main purpose, of our trip. However Patrick's knowledge of the wildlife, from lions to butterflies, plants, history and culture was exceptional. I really appreciated his skills in birdwatching and identification, we saw over 100 species in just a few days.
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The main reason to visit Uganda from a nature perspective is to enjoy incredible mountain gorilla tours in Africa. The gorillas are only found in this region, most especially Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.
The birds here are also incredible and the forest ranks as one of East Africa’s best regions for birdlife and birdwatching, as well as many of the open savannah and riverine locations. You will have some fantastic birdwatching opportunities so head out with your knowledgeable guide to spot many of the fascinating birds that call Uganda home.
Given the fantastic scenery of the region, there are many different hiking opportunities to see the area. Local guides who know the region best will show you the most scenic hiking trails
The Queen Elizabeth National Park region is the most popular tourist destination in Uganda, which is linked to the area’s diversity. The protected area contains many different wildlife-filled habitats, such as forests, wetlands, savanna grasslands, and a number of lakes. The park contains a lot of wildlife, such as the iconic African safari animals, but is also fortunate to contain and protect a population of our closest relatives, the chimpanzees.
Traditional African handicrafts can be found throughout Uganda at very reasonable prices and make great souvenirs. Buying carved wooden masks and sculptures made by local artists is a good way to support the community and make sure you go home with something unique and authentic. There are plenty of other items on offer that will jazz up your home such as bowls, batik paintings and woven baskets. .