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Bwindi Forest

Uganda's most important tourist location is the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. Located close to the borders of the Congo and Rwanda and is the home to one of Africa's most diverse mammalian faunas, including almost half the global mountain gorilla population.

Gorilla trekking is possible from four locations within Bwindi with access to about eleven family groups. All areas are well serviced by lodges and other activities and walks.

Bwindi is also one of the finest birding destinations in Zambia with at least 23 Abertine Rift endemics in this extremely biodiverse forest.
Park entrance fees are $40 per 24 hours for tourists and is usually incorporated into the fee for the gorilla trekking activities. Nature walks may be slightly less and there is no additional fees for staying in community campsites or lodges within the park gates.

Features of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park


Nature Walks

From 30 min to 8 hours

There are a wide variety of walks available from simply a quiet walk along the road to longer forest walks looking for monkeys, antelope and magnificent scenery.
Each of the four access points has walks that are special and asking Patrick which are the best for these locations is an ideal way to get the best from your time in this amazing National Park.


Gorilla Trekking

Up to 10 hours

This is why you come to Uganda. The trek can take anything from 3 to 10 hours depending on which family group you are fortunate enough to be visiting and how easy they are to locate on the day.
I recommend you hire a porter as well to assist you on the trek, this will leave you more freedom to just enjoy the experience or even help you through any of the difficult sections.
The guides and rangers are very well trained and do an excellent job of ensuring your experience is fantastic, regardless of your age and physical capabilities.

Birds in Bwindi


30 min to all day

A total of 350 bird species has been recorded in Bwindi, 23 of which are endemic to the Albertine Rift, and 14 found only here.
In addition to the extensive birdlist Bwindi is home to at least 200 butterfly species.

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