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Patrick Atima
The best guide in the Pearl of Africa
Patrick was born in Arua in the north west of Uganda in 1989, belonging to the Lugbara tribe.
Educated at Tara Primary School in Arua and Kampala for secondary education.
Introduced to tourism through a family from the United Kingdom. After working with the family for 8 years and aquiring a lot of experience decided to start his own company. In 2008 as a river guide based at Murchison Falls on the river Nile.
In 2010 began guiding as a local free lance guide for local companies.
During 2015 Patrick moved to develop his own company - WildlifeXpeditions - and has conducted many tours with outstanding results since. He has an active Facebook page ( and developed this website in conjunction with a former highly satisfied client (from Australia).
Patrick is the founder of Wildlife Expeditions and operates as a field consultant for East Africa. Within the company he manages recruitment, staff management, and training. He is responsible for developing tours, itineries, arranging transport, supplies, accommodation, as well as acting as the senior guide, driving and monitoring customer satisfaction
Patrick is outgoing with a good sense of humor and when he’s not working hard taking care of guests he enjoys brushing up on his birding, reading books and watching movies.
Nicholas Tugumisirize Rwenzori Touraco
Born in the Kanungu district in Southern Uganda in 1991, a member of the Amukiiga tribe
My parents are farmers growing a variety of crops including; coffee, tea, bananas, etc.
Educated at Nyamiyaga secondary school for both ordinary and advanced levels. I got interested in bird watching when I was very young and I decided to make a career as a guide specialising in birding. In 2014 I started the birding courses.
I started guiding when I was still studying and began full time guiding in 2015. Since 2015 I have worked for 3 different companies and now am part of the team at Wildlife Expeditions, lead by Patrick Atima. I have 4 years experience in bird guiding, and am currently the Senior Birding Specialist Guide, leading bird watching trips, finding and identifying Ugandan endemic species. I share my knowledge of Ugandan fauna and flora as well as assisting with your camping experience. .
Primo Yumar
Born in the Arua district in Northern Uganda in 1958, and from the Lugbara tribe.
Married with six children ranging in ages from 8 to 32, the family live in Arua.
Educated at Ombaci Secondary School. Liked cooking from a young age and decided to become a chef. Studied at the YMCA and began work at the end of the 1970s in Speke Hotel. Spent 6 years at Speke Hotel as a chef and then did a variety of jobs till 2004. In 2004 joined Kitandara Camps and Safaris till 2011. Between 2011 and 2018 worked with a Spanish tourist company. In 2018 began working with Wildlife Epeditions led by Patrick Atima.
Qualifications include:- Senior Secondary Certificate, Diploma of Catering, and almost 20 years experience as a chef.
Has had a range of positions including:- Head Chef and Senior Camp Supervisor with skills such as obtaining provisions and panning menus, preparation and serving meals, supervising hygiene and care of food provisions, and supervision of camp setting up. .
Tom Kagwa Ssalongo
The best auto electrician and mechanic
Tom maintains the vehicles whilst on safari as well as driving the support vehicle.
An invaluable team member. .
David Alonya
Born in 1982 in the Karamoja area. Speaks Nikaramoja as well as other languages, was oncemarried and has a teenage son.
Qualifications includes a Diploma in Primatology, a Degree in Tours and Tourism Management and has been fully employed as a safari guide since 2009.
Operates as a field guide and driver, with Wildlife Expeditions since early 2018. .
John Oliver
Born in Northam, Western Australia in 1952, and lived in rural towns and communities all his life.
Educated to tertiary level initially training as a teacher and gaining a Diploma in Education. Worked for over 20 years as a teacher, Deputy and Principal in Western Australia.
In 2000 started a small business as an IT Consultant, based in York, Western Australia. Since 2000 has operated a successful IT company catering for all aspects of computer supply, support and management.
Currently still operating the business (Oliver Rural IT Solutions) and has assisted in the development of the web presence of Wildlife Expeditions with Patrick Atima. With his wife (Kerryn) has been to Africa 8 times in the last 20 years, to manage a community development project in Zambia and to experience many countries as tourist, often camping in remote locations.
Maintains a blog at that shows many of their travels and camping experiences. Link to the Blog
Email contact is
Kerryn Oliver
Born in 1947 in the South West of Western Australia, living in rural areas for much of my life. Has extensive experience travelling throughout the world and in many countries in Africa
Educated in rural WA and attended the University of Western Australia, gaining a degree in History and becoming a teacher.
Married to John Oliver and have several Grand Children, in Australia and Zambia. Has taught in Australia, New Guinea, and England. Became a Principal in 1989 and was a Principal in several schools over 20 years. The last posting was in Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory.
Officially retired at the end of 2007 but continues to do mentoring and coaching.
Has qualifications including a B.A. (Hons), and Diploma in Education.
Within the company operates as a Safari Consultant (Australia), providing advice and feedback, ensuring financial protection, acting as an intermediary between the customer and company, and assisting with bookings.
Trish Gerritsen
Born in Perth, Western Australia. Educated in Perth Modern School and The University of Western Australia, trained as a teacher and taught in secondary schools in Western Australia as well as the Accra Training College and Accra International School in Ghana, and in High Schools in Papua New Guinea.
A constant and Passionate world traveler with experiences throughout the world and has utilised many travelling companies throughout Europe, Asia and Africa.
Has revisited Africa a number of times, as well as other world locations.
Within the company Trish acts as a consultant providing advice on management, tourism requirements, expectations, tour itineries and bookings within Australia.
Ahimbisibwe Rogens
Born in Nkwenda in South Western Uganda in 1986.
Married with one child aged 9 with the family living in Nkwenda.
Educated at Scanole School and enjoyed cooking from a young age so decided to become a chef. Studied at the local technical school and began working as a chef in 2006.
In 2006 joined Kitandara Camps, and then in 2009 joined the Whistling Duck Company. Currently employed part time and joined Eildlife Expeditions led by Patrick Atima in 2018.