Queen Elizabeth Subheading

Queen Elizabeth NP

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Uganda's second largest and most diverse National Park. Set in the low lying Rift Valley where it crosses the Equator between the Rwenzori Mountains and the Kigezi Highlands.

The wide range of habitats include rolling grasslands, moist Acacia woodlands, tropical rainforest, volcanic calderas, swampy areas and 2 lakes joined by a channel.

Apart from guided game drives in all areas there is a popular boat cruise, chimp tracking, birding, monkey viewing, and the legendary tree climbing lions.
Park entrance fees are $40 per 24 hours and the optional fees for guides are about $20 per vehicle. Depending on the activities you select the costs for acivities can vary significantly.

Features of Queen Elizabeth National Park

Tree Lions

Tree Lions

Sheltering from the heat

These culturally ingrained behaviours may have developed as a way of avoiding the biting flies or as a way to escape the heat of the day. Whatever there is a good chance you will see a pride up a tree.
These usually terrestrial animals can be found lying about in a sycamore fig or Albezia tree.

Uganda Kob

Ugandan Kob

Found on game drives

This species of antelope are unique to Uganda and readily seen in the open plains across the floor of the Rift Valley, especially in Queen Elizabeth National Park.
These herd animals can be found engaged in interesting behaviours, like the males tussling each other for superiority.
In the same area as the Kob one can readily see elephant, lion, hippo, and buffalo, as well as a range of birds species.


The Big Five

Buffalo in a wallow

The big 5 are often a dream for many travellers and one can be sure of having the opportunity to see most of them in this National Park.
Elephant, buffalo, lion are readily available in this park. Leopards can also be found here though you may need a bit of luck. Finally the rhino is best see in the Ziwa rhino sanctuary.

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